Advantages of Invisalign Braces

It is never too late to get braces! You do not have to deal with the old fashioned metal braces anymore, you may find Invisalign braces a great fit for you! Being able to get a perfect smile goes beyond looking good. Teeth that are aligned correctly are healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth will last you a lifetime. When your teeth are misaligned you are open to more cavities and other dental issues. Misaligned teeth that are over crowded and do not allow for proper flossing can lead to gum disease.

Most adults do not feel comfortable walking around with metal braces. The traditional metal braces draw too much unwanted attention. You do have options. Invisible braces!

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are easy to use and easy to wear. They are comfortable and virtually unnoticeable. There are many advantages of the Invisalign method to straightening your teeth.


You do not have the ability to floss and brush as you normally would with traditional braces. Invisalign straightening allows you to floss and brush your teeth normally which results in better overall oral health.  You do not have to restrict yourself to foods that agree with your braces. You simply take the Invisalign out when you eat and pop it right back in when you are done!

Of course the cosmetic advantages are obvious. The Invisalign method of teeth straightening is virtually invisible. It is hard to even notice the Invisalign apparatus in your mouth with

traditional braces the first thing that most people notice are your braces.

One of the most beneficial advantages of Invisalign is the comfort compared to braces. While traditional wired braces can cause cuts on the inside of your cheeks and sides of your tongue the Invisalign is smooth and does not cause cuts or abrasions to the inside of your mouth!

Invisalign allows for a pain free perfect smile full of healthy teeth!

The Cost

The cost of Invisalign compared to the cost of traditional braces is comparable. The cost is about the same but the advantages of the Invisalign brace system is far superior. While the end result is the same, perfectly aligned teeth, the journey to get there is a much smoother journey with the Invisalign.

Taking advantage of this proven straightening system is one of the best things you can do for your mouth! Get that smile and the healthy teeth you always wanted with Invisalign.

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