Braces For Adults

orthodontist checking teethBraces aren’t just for teenagers. Teeth can be straightened at any age. And now more than ever, wearing braces is much more efficient, convenient and comfortable.

Every year, more adults are enjoying the benefits of orthodontic care.

Straight teeth, teeth with a correct bite, and teeth that are aligned properly with other teeth are healthier. The overall health of your mouth is better! With crooked and misaligned teeth, there are more places for plaque to hide and more places for food to get stuck. The more buildup and plaque, the greater chance of decay, inflamed gums, and gum disease. And if you have an improper bite because of misaligned or crooked teeth, you can’t chew food properly either and that can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

With today’s advanced materials and techniques, wearing braces is much more efficient, convenient, and comfortable then ever!

Braces for Adults Improve…

  • Improve teeth function, allowing you to bite and chew correctly
  • Improve the ability to restore missing teeth
  • Improve your facial appearance
  • Improve oral health
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Braces for Adults Prevent…

  • Prevent tooth decay by correcting areas where plaque can easily build up
  • Prevent or improve periodontal (gum) problems
  • Prevent or reduce bone loss around teeth
  • Prevent straining on teeth, jaws, and muscles that could lead to a greater risk of tooth breakage
  • Prevent abnormal wearing of tooth surfaces
  • Prevent difficulties in chewing

The type of braces you may need as an adult depends on:

  • The severity of your bite or crookedness of your teeth
  • The amount of time you will need to wear braces to correct your problem
  • How you want to look in your braces

Invisible Braces for Adults

Materials for braces have advanced considerably over the years. Metal braces are no longer the only option. More “invisible” options are also available, and depending on the circumstances of your teeth and what you need corrected with braces, those invisible options may be for you.

Invisible braces for adults options include:

Ceramic braces: ceramic braces are made of composite materials. They are a clear transparency that mimics the color of your natural teeth. Ceramic braces are shown in the photo above.

Invisalign: a set of clear, removable trays that are custom-made from the iTero scanner, which is a highly accurate, digital 3D image of the individual characteristics of your teeth and gum tissue.

Whatever style of braces you and your orthodontist decide will work best for your individual circumstance and tooth realignment needs, you’ll get a straight, healthy set of teeth that will keep you smiling for a lifetime!