Eating with Braces

When you have been fitted with braces one of the things you may have questions about is eating with braces. Your orthodontist will go over with you any questions you may have an general guidelines and recommendations for food choices that are a good fit with your braces.

Food to Avoid

It is best to try and avoid hard, crunchy and chewy foods as these types of foods can bend wires and damage the resin. If the resin that holds the bracket to the tooth is weakened it can come off which means going back to the orthodontist. Some of these foods are:

  • Raw carrots
  • Hard pretzels
  • Hard sweets and candy
  • Anything with a hard and crunchy crust
  • Health bars
  • Gummy candy or sweets
  • Nuts
  • Apples

Although not exactly a food item, but definitely one to keep in mind is pens and pencils! This may seem a strange thing to have on the list but there are thousands of people out there who gnaw on pens!

Fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy is a necessary part of any diet, but for somebody who wears braces choosing carefully is the key. Foods that can be eaten include:

  • Soft fruits. If you like fruit such as an apple or a pear, it is best to cut them in small enough pieces so that the molars are able to break them down. Raspberries, blueberries or any of the softer fruits are a better option.
  • Most vegetables can be eaten as long as they are cooked. Ensuring that they are soft enough not to affect the braces is the key to enjoying a good variety of healthy vegetables.
  • Dairy products are a good option for anybody who is fitted with braces as generally they require little chewing and are softer. Milk products, yogurts and soft cheeses are all fine for eating with braces.
  • Tender meat. Some meat cuts have much more fibers that others which makes them more difficult to chew and tend to get stuck in between the teeth and the braces. Cutting up meat to smaller pieces and cooking until it is very tender will eliminate these problems. Chicken and fish is less fibrous than red meat while still being a healthy and tasty option.

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