Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontic Treatment: You Have Plenty of Options!

Today’s orthodontists can offer you many different treatment options to achieve the best results for your health while minimizing interference with your lifestyle. Orthodontics is much more than straightening teeth, but that doesn’t mean that treatment will complicate your life. Almost every treatment can be scheduled and done in a way that becomes an easily-manageable routine from start to finish. Treatment can also be done at a price you can afford. Orthodontists have had affordable payment plans for over 30 years.

In many cases today, treatment starts before you get braces, and that simplifies and shortens the treatment you undergo while wearing braces. “Personal appliances” are devices that fit inside you mouth. Some of them look like typical retainers and some are more complex. They are especially effective in treating children’s’ overbites and under bites. The child will wear the appliance while the jaw is growing and the appliance redirects the jaw to move very gradually into its proper alignment and eliminates the over bite or under bite. Such appliances can also make minor corrections in the alignment of the teeth as well, which will mean less time wearing braces.

Braces aren’t what they used to be – they still do the same great job, but you have many more options. It used to be that braces were made of one thing: metal. These traditional braces still exist because they are sometimes the only treatment that will work. Metal braces include brackets that are glued to each tooth that have a wire that connects each one. The wires are periodically adjusted by your orthodontist to keep the teeth moving toward their proper positions where they will be at the conclusion of your treatment.

Other types of braces do the same thing – they move your teeth to where they should be. Porcelain brackets are an option for people who prefer not to have metal brackets, and in some cases, the braces can be mounted on the backs of the teeth. There are also the patented Invisalign braces, which are clear shell aligners that straighten teeth and are virtually invisible. They are effective in most cases but we usually won’t recommend them if your teeth require vertical alignment.

Post treatment is very much the same as it has always been. Once your braces are off, you’ll wear a retainer. Most patients wear one for one to two years. Some may wear one during the night for longer periods. NO matter what type of braces you had, you’ll wear a retainer when you’re done.

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