Removal Patient Quotes

What is your favorite things about not having braces anymore?

“Not getting stuff stuck in my teeth”  -Tori

“Having clean teeth all the time”  -Lucas

“Having white teeth”  -Taylor

“Food doesn’t get stuck in them”  -Bobby

“I can eat steak without it getting stuck in my braces”  -Courtney

“Mostly that I’m not cutting my gums up”  -Kaelyn

“No more picking food out of my teeth”  -Mike

“No more getting my gums cut or having to pick food out”  -Ben

“I can eat anything I want to”  -Mason

“Not getting food stuck”  -Lily

“Having that perfect smile”  -Mikayla

“My cheek not getting stuck in them”  -Savannah

“Not cutting myself on the wires”  -Taylor

“Loving my smile!”  -Luz