Taking Care of Your Braces

toothbrushes and flossMaking sure that your dental braces are well cared for ensures that you end up with the best result possible. Some discomfort is to be expected once braces have been fitted. At first there will be a feeling of your braces against your teeth and cheeks but this should begin to feel much more natural after the initial treatment.

Braces that feel are rubbing against your cheeks or lips can be prevented by using a salty, warm water mouth rinse, which will help prevent ulcers. Wax can also stop any discomfort from rubbing.

Oral Hygiene

Without a doubt this is the most important part of the maintenance and care of your dental braces. Tooth brushing and flossing is imperative once you have braces. Brushing as instructed by the orthodontist will ensure optimal results. Diet is something else that will need to be considered. Removing acidic drinks and food is something that should be considered.

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

  • Use a dry toothbrush with a very small amount of toothpaste
  • Brush upper and lower teeth separately while concentrating on each tooth
  • Brush about 10 seconds per tooth using a circular motion at the gum line
  • Brush the upper teeth in a downwards motion and the lower teeth in an upwards motion
  • Brush tongue and the roof of the mouth
  • Use a fluoride rinse each day
  • Pay close attention to areas under the wires, around the bands and brackets
  • Brush after each and every meal


Particularly in the first few days after braces, a soft diet is recommended. Even after you get used to having braces, care still needs to be taken with eating hard foots such as carrots, apples, hard biscuits, etc.

Keeping up with schedule appointments, following instructions given by the orthodontist, a correct diet and excellent oral hygiene will ensure the best results possible.

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